To formally close the 8-week Sustansyarap Feeding, a culminating activity and graduation was conducted among the malnourished children with their mothers. Certificates of recognition were distributed to all who completed the feeding program with “star tokens” for those malnourished children who were able to achieve their normal weights. 

Ninety-three percent (14/15) of children have improved weights and 63% (9/15) achieved normal weights after the feeding.

Furthermore, during the activity, health education was promoted. Lectures on proper nutrition, proper sanitation, food groups and DOH’s pinggang pinoy were conducted by the barangay nutrition scholar, barangay health worker and medical student among the mothers and primary caregivers. This is to increase awareness on healthy meal choices for their children. 

Venus Nutri-Guide booklet which was adapted from the National Nutrition Council Nutri-Guide © 2007 were also distributed to aid in their understanding on how to acquire proper nutrition by selecting variety of age-appropriate food, backyard gardening, raising livestock etc.

Medical students also prepared food during the activity such as spaghetti, rice, fried chicken, milk and juice for all the participants. Picture-taking was then done after the program.





We are nine (9) passionate, dedicated and goal-oriented medical students with diverse personalities who came together to achieve one goal. We are an all-scholar group with the intention to serve God and His people. For the next four years in the medical school, we have a vision to help the people in the community to become self-reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved. We choose to serve the community. We choose to serve Venus. | web counter hits


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