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The Community Setting

(Spotmap of Barangay Venus, Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga del Norte)

Located in the outskirts south of Zamboanga del Norte is the picturesque municipality of Sergio Osmeña. The nearby cities are Dipolog City (48 kilometers away) which is the provincial capital and Pagadian City (90 kilometers away), this city is considered as the seat of power of Zamboangadel Sur. The municipality has a vast land area of 55,644 hectares; Sergio Osmeña remains a mystery to be uncovered. 

Due to its location and lack of sea and air ports, the municipality can be reached through land only, using the route of the national highway which connects the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur. Technically the municipality can be described as follows:

“From the intersection of longitude 123⁰10”00’ and latitude 8⁰20”00’ in a straight line due east until it intersects the provincial boundary of Misamiz Occidental and Zamboanga del Norte with longitude 123⁰10”00’; thence due south to latitude 8⁰13”0’; hence due west until it intersects longitude 123⁰10”00’; thence due north until it reaches the point of beginning. “

In the map, the municipality appears almost rectangular in shape. It is bounded by municipalities of President Manuel Roxas, Katipunan, Polanco, Piñan, and Mutia in the north, while Zamboangadel Sur borders the south, and in the east is the province of Misamis Occidental, and in the west by the municipalities of Jose Dalman and Siayan province of Zamboanga del Norte.

Furthermore, Sergio Osmeña has 39 Barangays. One of which is Barangay Venus which is the assigned community area for the group.

Barangay Venus is composed of 3 Puroks; Purok Mars, Purok Jupiter and Purok Uranus.





We are nine (9) passionate, dedicated and goal-oriented medical students with diverse personalities who came together to achieve one goal. We are an all-scholar group with the intention to serve God and His people. For the next four years in the medical school, we have a vision to help the people in the community to become self-reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved. We choose to serve the community. We choose to serve Venus. | web counter hits


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