Barangay Courtesy Call: A Day with Hon. Amparo Butalid and Venus Kagawads

Barangay Venus in the municipality of Sergio Osmena will be our home for the next four (4) years in the medical school's community-based curriculum. Thus, after settling down in the Magallanes' Residence, on September 30, 2015, our group decided to have our courtesy call with the Barangay Captain. This is an important step to introduce the medical group's intentions on serving the community for the next four (4) years. This is also done to get to know and establish rapport with the leaders in Barangay Venus.

The Barangay Hall is located about 100 meters from the main road. From the Magallanes' Residence, it is located about 600 meters. On wednesday morning, our group walked from our house to the Barangay Hall to meet Hon. Amparo Butalid. When we reach the Barangay Hall, Ma'am Amparo was able to recognize us immediately. She knew that we are the medical students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University who were assigned in their community to serve and help address health issues. She welcomed us in her office warmly yet we had to wait since she was still having her conference with her constituents. After their meeting, she introduced us to each of the kagawad in their barangay. Barangay Venus is headed by Hon. Amparo Butalid as their Barangay Captain, with the help of her seven (7) Barangay Kagawads, one (1) Barangay Secretary and one (1) Barangay Treasurer. Each of us also introduced ourselves to them.

Moreover, they assured us of our safety in the community. They offered the barangay's assistance everytime we need to go for ocular survey, home visits, or gathering of any data needed. The head teacher in Venus Elementary School was also there and he offered support for any health programs that we would be having in the future for the elementary pupils in Venus. He also told us that he would contact us whenever their school would have activities. This is for us to get to know the community and assess the health condition of the people - especially the children. Furthermore, our group also interviewed Ma'am Amparo about the lifestyles of the people in their barangay - their source of income, usual work (mainly agricultural and farming), and common health issues. After documentation and picture taking, we said our goodbyes. Ma'am Amparo asked the Barangay Health Worker to accompany us to their Health Center which was just in front of the Barangal Hall. The Public Health Midwife assigned in Venus is Ma'am Esther Camarillo.

The courtesy call with the Barangay Captain and other leaders in their community was an important activity before we can start with our ocular survey, gathering of secondary data or any other activities. Now that we were able to establish rapport with them, we hope that this will be a start of our good partnership for any activities that we will spearhead in the future. We are looking forward for our great collaboration in the coming months.

Article by Juneth J. Macansantos





We are nine (9) passionate, dedicated and goal-oriented medical students with diverse personalities who came together to achieve one goal. We are an all-scholar group with the intention to serve God and His people. For the next four years in the medical school, we have a vision to help the people in the community to become self-reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved. We choose to serve the community. We choose to serve Venus. | web counter hits


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