Economic Profile/ Tourism

Sergio Osmeña is mainly an agricultural municipality; about 61% of the total land area is used for this purpose. At a first glance, it is noticeable that corns, rice, root crops, fruit trees, banana, rubber and coconuts are some of the products of the municipality. Moreover, known as the “Vegetable Bowl of Zamboanga del Norte”, other green products such as cassava, cabbage, sayote, squash, among others, are also delivered in the nearby cities. Cows, carabaos, swine, horses, goats and poultry animals are also raised. The vast land of greenery serves as the grazing ground for some of these animals. 

The municipality is situated in a mountainous area which of part of the Malindang Mountain Range, thus, characteristically rolling to mountainous. Large river system also plays a huge role in land use. This serves as watering system to the different crops of the municipality. In general, the municipality has built up areas; agricultural areas, mineral lands, open grass lands and forest areas. Thus, much of the revenue of the municipality comes from agriculture, followed by commerce such as sari-sari stores. 

Farming, commerce and construction are the three (3) main sources of employment according to the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) 2008. The various occupations may either be located within the municipality or elsewhere. Furthermore, the CBMS survey reveals that 75.03% of the families earn below the poverty threshold of P13, 420.00 per month. Similarly, there are 3,583 families whose income is below food threshold. The average income per household ranges from Php 3,500 to Php 5,000 per month.

The municipality’s ideal climate and geographic location makes it a potential for a vacation destination. It has a vast area rich in flora and fauna and possesses a number of natural attractions such as river, falls and other interesting and unusual geographic formations.





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