January-March 2019: BARANGAY SESSION

Attending the Barangay Session has been one of the constants of the Team Venus. With this, we are able to strengthen our rapport with the officials, have an open communication with them and discuss the progress of our implemented projects and programs. On the other hand, barangay officials also raise their concerns, suggestions and requests.

During our two month long stay here in the community, we were able to attend five barangay sessions. Different activities were discussed and agreed upon. 

Activities are the following:

l  General assembly for the update and discussion of the different commuunity health plans
l  The very successful “Dagan para sa Dughan’ funrun activity that is intended for the procurement of the automated BP booth
l  A cooking show called Kalushowgan for the benefit of the identified malnourished children here in the barangay
l  Water tank chlorination to ensure delivery of safe drinking water to the people
l  The revival and beautification of the livelihood building in the barangay
l  Creation of the BADAK Center
l  Construction of Solar Disinfection Station for the three puroks
l  Construction of Corn MRF called Be, Bote, a bin for plastic and PET bottles
l  Clean-up drive together with the Barangay Officials
l  The DOST livelihood training for the members of the women’s organization
l  Procurement of Plastic Shredder by the LGU & ADZU-SOM Medical Students

Without the help and cooperation of the barangay officials and residents, our projects and programs will never be successful and effective. Team Venus still holds the vision of helping the people in the community to become self reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved.





We are nine (9) passionate, dedicated and goal-oriented medical students with diverse personalities who came together to achieve one goal. We are an all-scholar group with the intention to serve God and His people. For the next four years in the medical school, we have a vision to help the people in the community to become self-reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved. We choose to serve the community. We choose to serve Venus. | web counter hits


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