An Interview with Mr. Cesar Malinao / Tour to Sergio Osmeña's Corn Dryer

Once upon a morning, we went to a corn dryer, just two kilometers from where we used to stay, to interview some of the workers. As we went to the dryer, we asked for the owner. And then a man stepped out of his house, dressed in a very simple manner ( we actually thought he was one of the workers). We introduced ourselves and told him of our purpose for the visit. And then he told us to come inside his simple house and started to introduce himself, his name is Cesar Malinao, Jr., the owner of these huge corn dryers. Each dryer has a capacity of 110 sacks of corn. According to him, corns are harvested every 110 days, with 2 million metric tons of corn for every cropping. These dried corns are raw materials for feeds and other uses. Mr. Cesar uses pacquaio system, wherein he buys corns from the workers or a seller for 3 pesos per sack. And these raw materials are delivered to companies which will be processed and made to be sold in the market. Apart from being astonished by this kind of business, we were also surprised by his simplicity and humbleness towards us. We expect to visit again and hope to gather more informations to what the corn business does to Sergio osmeña.





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