December 2018: Mental Health Information & Education Campaign

It is undeniable that mental illnesses cases are increasing nowadays. According to the Department of Health, one in every five Filipino suffer from any form of mental illness, on the top list are schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. In Barangay Venus, Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga del Norte, Mental Health problem has been listed as top 6 in our Community Health Problems. This problem has been acknowledged by the health care provider, the barangay officials as well as the community people.

Last December 18, 2018, Team Venus in coordination with the Local Government Unit of Sergio Osmeña, conducted the very first Mental Health Information and Education Campaign with the theme “Malusog na Kaisipan, Ating Pahalagahan”. The said event was held in ABC Building in Sergio Osmeña Poblacion. It was a whole day seminar attended by nurses from different barangays, selected Barangay Officials of Barangay Venus, the Barangay Health Worker of Barangay Venus, and of course the primary care provider of our mentally ill individuals in Barangay Venus. Series of lectures about substance abuse, mood disorders, psychoses and child and adolescent mental and behavioral disorders were tackled. The lecturer is one of the members of Team Venus, Ms. Ariene Magadan, who underwent Mental Health Gap Action Programme or mhGAP training.

The information and education campaign on mental health is a huge step not just to educate about mental health, rather, it also would want to eradicate the stigma and discrimination attached to it. Up until today, stigma on mental health remains a huge barrier. Good thing, just early this year, the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law on Mental Health. This law would wish to provide affordable and accessible mental health services to the Filipino people. According to Senator Hontiveros “Help is finally here. Mental Health Law cements the government’s commitment to a more holistic approach to healthcare: without sound mental health there can be no genuine physical health.” Indeed, there is no health without mental health and this mental health law is something a Filipino should be glad about.

Team Venus medical students, together with health personnel and barangay officials of Barangay Venus, will continue to work hand in hand to give the mentally ill individuals in the community the best care and attention they deserve. Look forward to more activities on mental health!





We are nine (9) passionate, dedicated and goal-oriented medical students with diverse personalities who came together to achieve one goal. We are an all-scholar group with the intention to serve God and His people. For the next four years in the medical school, we have a vision to help the people in the community to become self-reliant. Through community participation and cooperation, everything can be achieved. We choose to serve the community. We choose to serve Venus. | web counter hits


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